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The 37th Sannichi YBS Fujiyoshida Fire festival Road race

27 Aug 2017 ( Sun )
Application period:
10 Apr 2017 ( Mon ) - 26 Jun 2017 ( Mon )
Yamanashi Prefecture, Fujiyoshida City, Fuji Hokurei Park and Baseball Ground (Start and finish point)
  • RUN
  • half
  • 10km
  • 5km
  • 3.5km

- This half marathon takes place at the foot of the majestic Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain.
- The challenging race course covers a part of the mountain path
- This half marathon is held at an Athletics Field that is located at an altitude of 1000 meters near Mt Fuji.

The start of the race begins with a 300m climb up the Yoshidaguchi trail path that leads to the summit of Mount Fuji.

The course will then turn around at the 350m mark.

The course will be challenging from beginning to end with lots of ups and downs.

Although held late in the summer, this race is known for being difficult including battling temperatures which are surprisingly chilly in the highlands at that time of year.

You will enjoy a spectacular view of magnificent Mt.Fuji.

In addition, there is the opportunity to enjoy the Yoshida Fire Festival, one of the three unique festivals in Japan and the namesake for this marathon, which will be held on the 26th and 27th.


Category Start time Registration Fee Status
Half Marathon 9:30 5,000JPY Open
10km 10:30 4,500JPY Open
5km 9:45 4,500JPY Open
3.5km (junior high school) 9:55 2,000JPY Open
3.5km (elementary school) 9:55 2,000JPY Open
Eligible participants Amateur athletes who are mentally and physically healthy, and who consent to the race terms and conditions below.
Start and finish point Yamanashi Prefecture, Fujiyoshida City, Fuji Hokurei Park and Baseball Ground (Start and finish point)
Course description Up and down course (The half marathon course has an elevation change of 350m. The 10km course has an elevation change of 50m)
registration desk (on the day) Fuji Hokurei Park and Baseball Ground
From 6:30 till 30 minutes prior to the race start time
Distance markers Every 1km, [Half, 10km, 5km] Last 3, 2, 1km
Water station Haf marathon course - 6 water stations, 10km course - 3 water stations, 5km course -1 water station
Time keeping Yes
Awards 1st - 6th place getters
Participant goods T-shirt, Fuji Yoshida local udon voucher, free ticket to entry at the Mount Fuji Radar Dome Museum, free entry ticket to the Mount Fuji Musuem.
Service Free local Fuji Yoshida udon coupon will be available after the race.
Lucky prize lottery Yes (mainly elementary school students)
Other Local products, snacks etc
Race capacity 5,300ppl
※on a first come, first served basis
※Race entry deadline may close earlier if race capacity is reached
Other Local products, snacks etc
Public transport access (Train) 15min bus or car ride from Mt-fuji station (Fuji Express line)
(Car) 5min from Kawaguchi lake Interchange or Fujiyoshida Interchange

A free shuttle transfer bus will be provided from the Fuji Express line Mount Fuji tration station.
The shuttle transfer bus will only operate on race day from 7am to 9am in the morning, and again from the race venue after the race.
Car parking 2000 cars (free)
Accommodation infromation Fujikyu Travel 0555-21-1052(weekday 9:00-18:00)
Points to note If a participant is deemed to be unable to complete the race, staff may remove or disqualify a participant.
Water stations will be provided: 6 stations for the half marathon, 3 stations for the 10km race and one place for 5km.
Organizer will use runner's chip for timing.
Please consult a doctor before entering the race to receive medical clearance and be sure to bring your health insurance card (or a copy)
Minors aged under 18 or under will require the consent of a parent or guardian to participate.
Valuable items/property storage:Available. Only valuable items will be looked after. Other luggage will not be looked after.
As parking is limited, please use public transport such as trains and the marathon shuttle bus provided.
Please note that the race organization committee will not accept any liability for any incidents for those using the carparking facilities. You will not be allowed to exit the park carpark until after the race.
Please follow the instructions by traffic staff at the carpark.
Please note that if you do not arrive at the carpark by 8:15am on race day, you will not be allowed to park your car.
Participant notification/confirmation form will be sent out in the middle of August.
No changes to race categories or race details, or cancellations are permitted once you have completed registration/submitted application form.
Please note that once fee entry or accomodation fee has been paid, no refunds will be permitted under any circumstances.
All races are expected to finish by 12:30pm
Result times of the top runners will be published in the Yamanashi Daily newspaper after the event.
All participants will be sent a postcard of their individual results.
Registration rules At the time of application for the event, participants agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. No changes or cancellations are permitted after registration.Please note that once fee entry has been paid, there will be no refunds under any circumstances.
Even if the payment of the entry fee is completed within the payment deadline, the application may be invalid depending on the payment datein the case of participant numbers exceeding capacity.
In that case, entry will be refunded according to the method specified by the organizer.
2. In the event of the race being cancelled due to earthquake, snow, flooding, heavy rain, or other incident, the race organiser will determine if a refund will be given and if so, the amount of the refund.
3. I understand that to participate in this event I should be in good physical health and have trained appropriately. I accept all risks that participating in this event may entail including injury, accident, and loss.
4. I accept that the organizer has the right to withdraw my participation from the event if they deem that I have hindered or adversely affected the event. I accept that I will follow the organiser's instructions and follow directions from Organizer's Safety Management race organising team.
5. I consent to receiving medical treatment in the case of injury or illness suffered during the event. I acknowledge that the event organizer is not responsible for any adverse outcomes as a result.
6. By participating in this event, I accept all risks including accident, loss, injuries, illness, and damage sustained during the event. Accordingly, I release the organizer from any claims, demands, and proceedings arising from my participation in this event.
7. I acknowledge that compensation for accidents and injuries during the race is within the range of the insurance that the race organizer side has subscribed.
8. My family, relatives, guardian (for participants who are minors), team members (in the case of representative) have accepted my participation in this event.
9. I will not make false declarations with regard to name, age, gender, telephone number etc… on the application. Only the named applicant may participate in the event. (Substitution is not allowed, and if discovered the organizer may disqualify the participanand/or revoke recognition of place, time, and awards.
I agree that organizer will not assume any responsibility for aid or refund to a substitute participant or where false information has been provided.
10. The Race Organiser reserves the right and ownership of race and event movies, pictures, photos, articles, records, race participant details (including name, age, sex, record, portrait right) etc for the purposes of publishing and advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, brochures etc.
11. The handling of personal information of the applicant will be handled in accordance with the rules of the race organizer set out separately.
12. In addition to the above terms and conditions, the organiser will adhere to race conventions set out separately (in the case of any discrepancies, the race conventions will apply).
Personal information The Race Organiser recognises the importance of personal information and observes related laws and regulations concerning the handling and protection of personal information in accordance with the personal information protection policy.
For the purposes of improving service, we will use participant personal information to send you event details, time/record notice, relation information, information from related and supported organisation with regard to announcements.
Organizer or related third party operators may contact participants to confirm registration information.
Participant notification form Participant notification/confirmation form will be sent out in the middle of August.
Any queries should be directed to the race organizing committee below Sannichi YBS Fujiyoshida Fire festival Road race Executive Committee
(Establishment Period:8 May 2017- 1 September 2017 ※Excluding weekends and holidays)
Tel 0555-24-4272 (weekday 10:00-15:00)

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